Things I Love: My Fitbit!


My wonderful amazing supportive Mom got me a Fitbit Alta and I’m over the moon! This thing is so cool… I’ve always wondered how many steps I take in a day, especially the ones where I walk between terminals for the ferry or take the dogs into the 707 trail system. Well, the answer on my first day of tracking was over 17,000. Can’t wait to see how much I’m on my feet during a 12 hours shift. I have a feeling it’s a LOT.

It also does a lot of other things like keep track of how much water you drink, the foods and calories you intake, the calories you burn, the distance you walk, etc. It prompts you every hour to take at least 250 steps, you can set daily step goals and it will remind you to keep at it, and it will track your running route using GPS. PLUS you can add friends and challenge each other to take the most steps in a day or a weekend, and probably a lot of other things I haven’t figured out yet.

Anyone else have one and want to battle??

One comment

  1. That is awesome! It is fun to see how many steps you take. I have a garmin. I like the heart monitor and calories burned. My gas can spout broke and spilled all over (Yes, and watch too…insert tears here**) I washed it several times and still smells faintly of gas. I am still airing it out. Great watch of yours. Well done gift MOM! 🙂 Happy stepping!

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