Beauty: More Cruelty Free Products


I’ve picked up a few more cruelty free products lately, so here is a round up!


DuWop Venom Flash: I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but found myself in a Shoppers Drug Mart where they had a display and I noticed the cruelty free bunny right away. I picked out the gold flecked Venom Flash lip plumper and really love it. I’ve had allergic reactions to lip plumpers in the past, but this one didn’t irritate my skin at all. The gold is a nice touch too!


GOSH: Giant Blush and Lip Lacquer. I’ve always preferred powder blushes to cream ones because for some reason I found them hard to apply evenly. This one goes on really well (on top of foundation, but before powder!) and the colour is a great shade. Also there’s probably enough in this stick to last for a year or more haha. The Lip Lacquer is really great too, light colour and super glossy but not too sticky. The size is a bit big to put in a pants pocket, but if you have big jacket pockets like me then it’s fine. I like that it’s a glass container as well, and not plastic. Whoop!


HASK Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner: This stuff is SO GOOD. I love the smell, and it is really nice on my hair. I’ve got some seriously crunchy ends right now that I’m reluctant to trim (it’s getting so long!) so the repairing aspect of this formula really appeals to me, and it works! My hair feels a lot better. Did I mention that I love the smell? YUM.


Eco Tools Makeup Brush Shampoo: I love Eco Tools brushes, but I am pretty lazy about washing them. I picked this up to help motivate me to keep them clean, and love that it’s a cruelty free formula. Definitely recommend it!


NYX Colour Correcting Powder and e.l.f. Tone Adjusting Face Primer: I have had skin problems since I was a baby, and while my psoriasis has gone away the rosacea on my face remains (though it’s much better than it was before!) I grabbed some colour correcting products to see if it helped tone down the redness in my cheeks. The e.l.f. primer has a really nice, silky texture to it and looks super green when you first pump it out but blends in nicely. I like this stuff a lot, it reduces the red but doesn’t turn you into a frog, which is a plus. The NYX powder is also really great. The texture is really really fine and you don’t need a lot on the brush to get the right amount of coverage. It has a very slight green tint to it, but again it blends nicely once it is on the skin. The price points are good, the e.l.f. is only $7.99 and the NYX was on sale for about $11.



I spied this new NYX Strobe Genius palette and really, really want it!! It’s on the wish list for sure.

What cruelty free products have you been using lately? You can also check out my makeup Instagram @foxmakesup for more vegan and cruelty free products if that’s your thing. ❤

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