Vegan Cookbooks!


As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been collecting vegan cookbooks like mad to keep me motivated to try new foods and keep cooking for myself. I scored some great ones this past weekend in Victoria and wanted to share!

Veganomicon: I’ve wanted this one for a while and found it at VV for $5. Woot!

Extraveganza: We had a flip through this one and the recipes seem interesting so we grabbed it for $4.

Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen: Raw food! Excited to get back into this. And for $4 why not.

Vegan Bible: I shelled out $40 for this baby, but it is FILLED with amazing recipes including vegan cheeses and other staples. It’s beautifully designed and the photography is stellar, can’t wait to give the recipes a try!


Our cookbook collection is off the hook! These are just the vegetarian/vegan ones, by the way… the rest are downstairs haha. J, being a chef, has lots too. What’s your favourite cookbook?


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