Downstairs Progress


We’ve continued to plug away at our spring cleaning and just finished moving a ton of stuff around downstairs. We decided we didn’t have room for the day beds we got from the cabin last year but were really reluctant to get rid of them… instead we put the cushions aside (they are custom upholstered) and repurposed the wood frames into a huge raised planter. We’d like to fill it with tea-related plants as once upon a time we had big plans for a tea garden that never came to fruition.

Below (picture is from last year) you can see one of the day beds and the green paint that has been covered on 2 of the 3 walls with the same blackberry from upstairs.



It’s getting there! We are close to having the floor materials as well, which will be a HUGE improvement. Glad we were able to reuse the bed frames, they fill an otherwise large empty space. MORE PLANTS :))))


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