Clearing Out Branches


It’s kind of hard to see in these pictures, but we had a bunch of low hanging branches over the driveway that needed trimming back. J dutifully got out the ladder and cut back all the limbs that he could reach and we snipped them up and moved them down to the burn pile in the bottom corner of the property. It makes a big difference!



Here’s a before and after, when the tree sprouted all its leaves it weighed the branches down considerably and they were hitting the car. Also the property is looking so much better now! Wow!



J has also been working hard to clear the area we have been using as a path down to the back of the chicken coop. It was all tangled groundcover and invasive plants that have been completely pulled out, leaving just an unknown fruit tree that I have supported to be more upright, and the laburnum. It would appear our downpipes drain out at this point as well, though the exit pipe was largely blocked by debris which has now been cleared away.


J has stacked some rocks into rough tiers and we hope to plant some stuff in here soon for a privacy screen behind the fence, but the soil is dry and terrible so it may require a lot of topsoil and compost first. It’s a good start!


We’ve transplanted some (what we think is) yellow archangel Lamiastrum galeobdolon, which has popped up in the lower yard and apparently likes crappy soil, so maybe that will get things started. Just another project we have started but will have to sit half finished… haha.


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