How to Make Tofu


As mentioned last week, I’ve learned how to make my own soy milk and tofu! It’s a super easy process and is incredibly cost effective; a batch of fresh soy milk filling a glass milk bottle costs only about 10 cents. You can either drink that soy milk or use it to make tofu, which is also ridiculously cheap, just a few cents more. I discovered a website called Cultures for Health that sells all sorts of amazing goodies for making things at home, and ordered a bag of Nigari flakes (magnesium chloride collected from the seas of Japan) which are used to make the tofu.



Check back to my post about soy milk to do the first steps of the tofu process, then it all goes like this:


  1. With your soy milk still warm from the cooking process, simply add one teaspoon of Nigari flakes and stir gently to allow them to dissolve. Careful not to overstir, then allow to sit for 15-25 minutes to coagulate. After 20 minutes my soy looked like this:


2. Using a tofu mold (I only had a cheese mold which was not ideal, but did do the job well enough) place a folded layer of cheesecloth inside the mold and carefully pour the coagulated soy.


3. With all the “curds” in the cheesecloth wrap it up to prevent leaking and use a heavy weight to press the tofu into a block. My cheese press doesn’t have a top so I cut a makeshift one from a recycled carton so the weight has something to rest on.




4. I stacked a cup, plate, pan and 5lb weight on top and let it sit for a few hours. The tofu is done when it holds together in one piece. This particular block is not very pretty, but with a proper tofu block it would be perfect! Tofu can be used fresh or stored in an air tight container filled with fresh water. Keep in in the fridge and change out the water daily until you are ready to use the tofu. The taste of this fresh tofu was not the same as packaged tofu, it’s a bit grittier and has a strong earthy flavour to it, but I’m hoping when prepared for stir fries or whatever it will be more palatable. More to come as I explore the recipes in my Tofu cook book!




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