We Filled All Our Planters!


Ahhh you guys the garden is a thing that is happening! On schedule! Wooooooot! We got a load of soil to fill the last 4 planters, and planted a bunch of our tomato starts, some basil, pole beans, snap peas, and pickling cucumbers. SO EXCITING. Just to remind ya’ll, above is what we started with a few months ago (2? 2.5? This has all happened so fast) and below is what is looks like now.


We’ve managed to fancy up all the corners of the enclosure, which means that the yard junk has been minimized into smaller and smaller piles, until finally it will be ALL GONE tomorrow. I returned the empty plant pots to the nursery and J is finally ready to get rid of the old wooden saw horses. That means all the unusable stuff and junk is outta here. That’s exciting, the worst is those yards that are just filled with crap… lol.

Here’s some photos of what things are looking like:



Look at how big the hops are already!!



^ 2 seasons ago we planted a bunch of peppermint starts in the lower yard and didn’t think anything would happen… well now they are bushy and awesome, along with some wild thistles, shasta daisies, rosa campanulas, gallium, spurge and nootka roses.


Our starts are getting big too! We’ve got cardoons, nasturtiums, bachelor’s buttons, loveage, lupins, zinnias, osteospermums, and bee balm. WOOT.



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