Use Caution with Hay Dispensers!


Last year I wrote a post about a cheap and easy hay dispenser I was inspired to use after seeing them at the rescue where I adopted Momo. I got a few of them and put one in with each pair of rabbits and it was simple and a good way to keep hay from being wasted. Yesterday, however, when I brought veggies to the bunnies I noticed that Zapp had somehow gotten stuck in one! There are pictures because at first I thought he was just lounging on top of the plastic dispenser and I thought it was really cute. Then I looked closer and realized that he was actually INSIDE the tube and his head and both front legs were trapped in the holes.

THANKFULLY he wasn’t hurt, but I did have to lift him out and hold him while J cut the plastic from around his armpits and head. I don’t know how he managed to get so tangled, but this would have been a different outcome if he was positioned differently and had choked himself. The dispensers were alright when they were full, but recently the bunnies have been pulling all of the hay out overnight and are left with an empty tube that is potentially quite dangerous.

I immediately removed all the tubes from the bunny house and we will repurpose them for something else. This serves as a good reminder that anything a rabbit can fit it’s head through can potentially be a hazard… I definitely don’t recommend using these for hay anymore!! If you have been using them you should probably take them out đŸ˜¦

Zapp is ok, by the way, no scratches or anything. He got his summer haircut shortly after this incident and was happily munching away on apple. Certainly gave me a fright though.



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