Travel: Ho Chi Minh City


We haven’t traveled much in the last year as we’ve been working so hard on the house and animals. BUT. J and I have decided this September we will be getting MARRIED and we booked a honeymoon to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam!! We’ve wanted to go to Vietnam for ages, and as I looked for locations for the honeymoon/J’s 35th birthday I saw that flights were super cheap this November and I impulse booked it.

Have you ever used I entered the dates we were looking at and then you can explore a world map with prices… it’s so handy and a fun way to pick a location you may not have considered! We are still hoping to do our Barcelona/Valencia/Gibraltar/Casablanca/Marrakesh trip, but it’s pricey so while we save/get rich (ha!) we can pick some more cost effective places. We are also planning way in advance for a 33rd birthday trip to Panama City for me next February 🙂

Anyone have travel tips for Southern Vietnam? The plan is to fly into Ho Chi Minh City, then spend a night in Vung Tau to see the Christ statue and beaches, then a night in Can Tho as well to see the floating market and pagodas. We are there for 7 days, then fly out of HCMC again. SO EXCITED.


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