Book Review: Soil Sisters

06_23_2016_02.jpgThis review has been a while coming but I’ve finally finished Soil Sisters! I was very generously provided a review copy, which is kind of a funny story because I heard about the review opportunity in an email from Homestead Bloggers Network, which I assumed meant it would be coming from rural America somewhere. When I contacted the publisher, however, I discovered they are based right here on Gabriola!! Too weird!

Soil Sisters is a fabulous resource for women (primarily in the USA based on the info provided, but of course accessible to us Canadians as well – AKA Snow Mexicans amirite hahahaha) looking to start up a business in homesteading or farming. There are sections featuring women farmers that were really inspiring, stories of how they became interested in farming and how they made it work for them. There are great suggestions for getting your own project off the ground and ways to promote yourself and your business. This is an excellent source for me right now as J and I are thinking of branching out into a small business and transforming the rest of our property into a homestead for profit.

I greatly enjoyed reading this and found it really easy to follow and very informative. I was happy to see they included the perspective of a queer farmer in the mix too! Overall I’m thrilled to see so many women working hard to transform stereotypes and also that this book is aiming to highlight those contributions and the tremendous effort made by women in what is generally considered a male dominated field. I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to take up farming and/or homesteading, or for anyone looking for some inspiration from our sisters!

Check out the New Society website for more books on modern farming and homesteading as well as other rad topics like conservation & ecology and sustainable building & design.

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