Introducing: Toast and Licorice


Ok so apparently I am starting my own rabbit rescue… hahaha. An old friend of J’s got in contact a few weeks ago to ask if we would be able to take her rabbit, Toast, as she has been too busy to give him the attention he needs. J and I had decided NO MORE rabbits, but of course when he asked if I was interested I was like YES DUH and we agreed to take him. And then because I’m OCD about every animal being in a pair, we had to get another female to bond with him… enter Licorice. Funny story here, another friend on the island asked us last year if we could take her because they had no time, and I said no because I was trying to stick to my guns and not get any more pets. Well, I got back in contact and asked if she still needed a home and she did, so we went and got her. AND NOW I HAVE 10 RABBITS. Oh lordy.

Licorice is the black female at the top, and Toast is the toasty cuteness below. Now begins the bonding process again… hopefully this goes smoothly! Toast has no teeth, so at least there will be half as much risk of bite wounds haha.

Want to know more about bunny bonding? I’ve got a method that works really well, this will be my 5th bonded pair. Check out all the links and videos here.


The first 2 tub sessions with these two went well. Licorice is super nervous and Toast is a bit over-friendly but they snuggled up and it went smoothly.



  1. I totally understand with the rescue thing…I keep getting roped into it. My NO means nothing! Hahahaha. I just got a bunny too from someone. 🙂 You are a good person to provide homes for the unwanted. It sure ties you down though. I’ve wanted a vacation for so long, but can’t.

    • It’s definitely a lot harder to travel, or even leave the house! We’ve tried to set up the bunnies to be as self-sufficient and secure as possible, but with all the other animals finding a house sitter is more like finding a zoo keeper haha.

  2. That’s too funny (NO means nothing). My sis couldn’t say no either to what was supposed to be a miniature bunny. NOT! hims is full size. Thanks for rescuing them-the shelters are full of bunnies, chickens and ducks after Easter season. You are right about the vacation-we can’t either. lol we said no more after these two dogs but…..well you know.

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