RIP Daenerys


Oh man. This year has been a rough one for our birdies. Daenerys was killed by a raccoon last week… seems near dusk while I was on a walk with the dogs the raccoon snuck in and snatched her right out of the nesting box where she was sitting on her eggs. She was partially pulled through the fence, and that’s where I found her. UGH SO SAD.

Two days later I heard a commotion in the coop around the same time in the evening and booked it down there to see what was happening. The raccoon was back and I spooked it out of the coop. It didn’t get another bird but did manage to grab a duck egg from under Crumpet and ran up the nearest tree to escape me.


I mean… it’s kind of cute. I hovered at the bottom of the tree until the sun went down and I could close the birds in safely. The raccoon ate its spoils and snoozed when it realized it was stuck up there for the time being. We promptly borrowed a trap from a friend but seems the raccoon has not been back. -____-

We are now left with 9 hens, 1 rooster, and 2 ducks (1 male, 1 female). Brienne and Crumpet are both broody at the moment and sitting on eggs. Hopefully we will get some little babies to bring the flock numbers back up. RIP Daenerys.


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