New Tattoo: Space Cat


More tattoos! This indifferent space kitty was drawn up by the super talented Trish Bevz, the artist that did all of my early tattoos including my lower back and left upper arm. She’s developed a really amazing style and has been getting lots of well deserved attention. She posted a pair of kitties on her IG as available and I grabbed the one in the dress standing on the space rock MONTHS ago, but finally made it happen. Oh man, I really, really hate getting tattooed now… it’s not something that gets easier as time goes on, if anything it gets worse. Tattoos hurt and anyone who says otherwise is lying to you! Hahaha.

Trish tattoos out of Rain City (I’ve also been tattooed by Marky and Stephanie there and they are fabulous also), check her out here. She also made this list on Buzzfeed with some other great local artists: 12 Vancouver Tattoo Artists to Follow on IG.

The original artwork for this well-dressed lady cat comes from Kate Cuthbert of Satin and Tat ( and @satin_and_tat_collage on IG) Go check out her adorable FashCats!! ❤️


  1. Trish did not actually come up with the pair of kitties, I did. I am a collage artist and Trish was following my instagram account. I have about 40, what I have named, FashCats. I directly contacted Trish about using them without any kind of acknowledgement to me and she blocked me. She deleted many comments on her instagram posts from people recognising them as my designs. I would have been flattered if it wasn’t for someone who considers herself an an ‘artist’ blatantly copying another artist. Poor form.

    • Oh my god I had no idea!!! That’s awful! She had them in her flash book so I assumed they were originals. That’s a pretty shitty thing to do to another artist, I’m so sorry it happened to you. Would you like me to credit you as the original creator?? 💞

      • That would be amazing, thank you so much!

        It’s absolutely not your fault and please know I’m not having a go at you at all, I’m flattered someone would get a FashCat tattoo!! 🙂 It’s just so disappointing that she knowingly did it, took all credit and refuses to communicate with me about it and is still trying to sell the other design, which it basically identical to my original!

        I go by Satin&Tat. Thank you for being so lovely about this! xx

      • I looked through your IG and can definitely see the resemblance! I’m sorry this happened to you, as an artist myself I feel for you! 💞 your fashcats are amazingly adorable. Thanks for getting in touch with me 💞

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