Exploring Gabriola: Cliffside Cormorants


A few weeks ago we visited with friends who have a property on the North side of the island, right on the cliffs directly overlooking Duke Point and Nanaimo. The view was amazing and as I poked around taking photos of the water one of the owners asked me to follow her, she was going to show me something cool. We walked a short ways to the side of the property and up to the cliff edge. She went right up to the edge of rock and lay down looking over and asked if I was afraid of heights. I was thinking “what is happening here” but I went over and lay down next to her and looked over. The whole cliffside (way higher than it looks in the photos) was pockmarked with holes from the waves and in each hole was a nesting cormorant. It stunk to high heaven and they were making the weirdest noises… the only way I can think to describe it is when you get one of those hollow flexible tubes at sports events that you can swing around to make a noise – does anyone even remember those?? Anyways, it was pretty incredible.

I snapped some photos but as I said, you can’t tell how high the cliff actually was. It was super high. I’m not afraid of heights but definitely took some extra care in hanging my phone over the edge for the shots haha. The sunset was really nice too!


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