DIY Garden Head Wreath


I’ve been hella busy so far this spring (new pair of bunnies, getting engaged and planning a wedding, planning two upcoming trips, keeping the garden watered and happy, and the usual stress of being away from home for 4 nights a week for work…) but one of the things I was most looking forward to was our engagement photo shoot. I wasn’t sure what to wear but managed to find the perfect dress by chance in the vintage shop next door to my work, and thought it would look great with a wreath made with seasonal flowers and herbs from the garden. I’ve never made one before but figured it wouldn’t be hard… and also that I had to make it the morning of the shoot so the flowers didn’t wilt. Picture me getting up at 6:30am and trying to put one of these together in time to catch the ferry to Nanaimo as well as get dressed, do photo makeup, straighten my hair and all the rest. Maybe not the best plan but as usual I pulled it off and the result was actually pretty great!

Wanna make one too? I used only plants from my garden and some string. You could probably also use wire or something along those lines but I used what I had on hand.


Step one: find a flexible branch that can act as the base. I used a young hazelnut branch and cut it to a size that would fit my head, then tied it in a circle with a piece of the string.

Step two: pick some fresh plants to fill out the wreath before adding flowers and colour. I used sage and mint, which worked really well. I tied the sage pieces on with the thread so there were equal bursts of sage leaves around the wreath. Shortly after that I stopped taking pictures because I was running out of time, but it’s a pretty simple process; I clipped some long mint sprigs and tied the one end onto the wreath then wound the stem around the branch before securing the other end with another wrap of string. As you add more and more layers you need less and less string as you can tuck the ends in between other stems and secure them in place. For this stage of the wreath I used sage, mint, fern, small branches of bay and olive, and some bunches of flowering thyme.


Step three: after you have a good wreath built up with enough layers of basic green for it to look “full”, you can add some flowers and other focal point plants. I used pink yarrow, passionflowers, and flowering basil. I had thought of using some dahlias or hollyhocks but in the end they were too big and overpowering. I liked the look of smaller flowers and would love to make another one with some rosa campanula, fever few, and calendula. We spotted a ton of wild chicory on the way to the lake as well that I almost insisted we stop and pick, but I think it’s probably best to keep it from looking too “busy”, if possible.

Here’s the final result! I have yet to get the edited photos back (this one was just snapped with my phone in the parking lot) but when I do I’ll be sure to share.



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