Closet Revamp


Do you have so many coats and jackets that your closet rod is sagging dangerously?? This always seems to be my problem. J and I are both avid thrifters, so we end up with quite a lot of stuff… and we are both particularly fond of jackets it seems. J undertook the entry closet project all on his own, installing an industrial style (and very sturdy) rail with top and (future) bottom shelf for shoes. He also used some more of the blackberry paint to clean up the walls inside the closet.



It’s a really neat set up; there is a floor support on both ends as well as in the middle (no sagging!) and it is attached to the wall for extra stability. He cut down the original shelf to sit on top of the wall supports and will cut a second board to size to rest on the supports near the floor. It has a very masculine feel to it with the metal and dark paint, which I dig.

It’s really hard to photograph this closet as the wall light is just out of frame and the closet is so dark, but I think you get the gist of it. It was between $100-$150 for the piping, and we already had the shelf and wall paint so it wasn’t that pricey. Except that now I want him to do all the closets this way hahaha. It would be so easy to get a double hang rod in the bedroom closet and have twice as much hang space! I’ve already expanded to include a rolling clothes rack so this would be a serious plus. Need. More. Closet. Space. Always.



  1. I love that you guys undertook this on your own…I hate my closet but having someone put in a closet is super pricey…but yours looks definitely doable!

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