Fox on an Island Business Cards


One of my favourite things to do is mess around with my adobe suite making new logos and business cards. Ha. NERD! Really though, it’s so fun. I just whipped up a batch of new cards specific to the blog and etsy shop with addresses and the Fox logo but none of my personal information (which is on my other cards). I’m really enjoying the colours and cutesy fonts!! I also had some stickers printed to package my angora fibre with, rather than the printer labels I was hand writing before. Not that the angora business is booming or anything, but these are pretty cute and tidy up the packaging. I was inspired to create a continuous line bunny logo when I spotted a curled up hair elastic on the edge of the bathtub… lol. My brain never stops designing, I guess.

On that note, if anyone is interested in me designing some cards for them get in contact! These were printed in Vancouver at Club Card, but files can be sent anywhere and printed locally. ❤


Also… one of my favourite movie scenes ever is in American Psycho where they all sit around obsessing over their business card designs. Maybe you have to be a graphic designer to really dig it, but it cracks me up every time. I can’t hand out a card without thinking about it.


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