Sometimes We Make Bad Decisions


As further proof that J and I are a perfect match we are equally impulsive. This is good 99% of the time (and how we ended up with matching tattoos on our 3rd date… after I flew to MANCHESTER to see him lol) but sometimes it can go baaaaaad.

We decided to paint the downstairs hallway before installing the flooring and new baseboards and casings (if you missed it, the bunnies destroyed this hallway -!- and we had to remove all the chewed wood and carpeting). While at the paint display in Home + Garden I pulled all the usual suspects; dark green, turquoise, grey. We both felt like maybe we should do something brighter and more fun because it’s a small hallway and we have all those colours in other parts of the house. I randomly pulled a pinky-coral colour called Flamingo and said “What about this?” J looked at it and said “Yeah… yeah I like that! Do you like that?” and I said “Yeah I like it!” and 2 seconds later we left the store with a gallon of Flamingo. J painted the walls late into the night and when it was done we both stood there fairly dubious of what we had chosen.

“I don’t think I like it.”

“I don’t think I like it either. Let’s sleep on it.”

And the next morning we looked at it again and the vote was unanimous; we completely hated it. At least we are always on the same page.


Above is what we had painted it when we painted the whole house “Placid” – a soft slightly lavender toned grey. And below….


Ahhhh. Let this be a reminder that paint chips in the store under the daylight-toned florescent light look very different in a small space with no natural light and a warm toned light bulb. It was like we dove into a bottle of pepto bismol.

Lucky for me J is a trooper and we went and picked a new paint ASAP, and J painted it all immediately (probably to spare our retinas any further damage).


We went back to our original idea of a dark blue-black, entitled “Deep Space”. SO MUCH BETTER. J is also in the process of painting all the brown doors a glossy white so we don’t have to try to match the wood when we buy new casings. It also cleans things up and makes it a little less 70’s down there. Tomorrow we go and buy some flooring. Praise Jeebus we don’t egg each other on into making a wacky decision for that!!! Haha.




  1. I love the ‘Deep Space’ but in a kooky way I liked the Flamingo too. I may have had to keep a little behind the books. Sounds like yall had a good time though. 🙂

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