Bunny Castle Expansion is Go


As I find myself now with 10 rabbits (5 pairs), I need to make more housing. The existing bunny castle is great but I want the buns to have a bit more space, and we need a new compartment for Toast and Licorice. We toyed around with different locations on the property, but in the end decided to expand behind the existing bunny castle as it is close to the house so we can hear if there is any trouble, and predators would be less likely to come close. It will be protected from the elements and being attached to the house will make things look tidy (we don’t need bunny hutches all over the yard, I don’t think my OCD could handle it ha)

J made a good start with framing it up and I’m suuuuper excited to see it completed before the end of summer. There will be two separate spaces including a floor area to run around, so room for 4 bunnies. Toast and Licorice can have one side and I will move Leela and Zapp into the other side, which will be considerably more generous than the space they are in now. Then their current space can be combined with another compartment to double the size of Fry and Nibbler’s house. Fry and Zapp are both Satin angoras from the same breeder and they are the biggest of my bunnies… they need to stretch their legs!

More on this as it progresses.



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