Garden Progress!


THE GARDEN. We are going hard!

We’ve filled a lot of the enclosed area up with flowers and shrubs and things are blooming and looking good. I’ve continued to throw down wildflower seeds to fill out thin areas and we just picked up a bunch of blueberry and hydrangea plants that I’m super excited about. We are very fortunate that there is a fabulous garden centre just a 2 minute drive from our place with a massive selection of plants, shrubs and trees, all of which are healthy and look great, and are also are priced REALLY well ($12 for a giant hydrangea? Yes please). Lucky for us they have a points program to earn discounts because we are there a LOT haha. Thanks Wheelbarrel Nursery!


Recent haul from Wheelbarrel; 3 hydrangeas, 2 bleeding hearts, 3 blueberries (1 x chandler, 2 x peach sorbet), 3 honeyberry plants, and a couple small ferns.

We moved some things around to fill out the large corner bed as it had some funny gaps in it (it’s half full sun, half partly-mostly shaded due to the tree branches above). It looks much fuller now with the transplanted lavenders.


Here’s some progress shots of the rest of the garden!


^ This plant was originally growing out of the sand on the side of the carport before we started with the stairs and planting there. We moved it and separated a bunch of smaller offshoots which have now developed into 4 fairly large plants with purple flowers that seed like crazy. Not sure what they are called but the bees seem to love them!


J was most excited to be doing hops this year and boy have they ever come along nicely!!



^ The difference sun makes; shallots on the left have sun and the ones on the right are behind the hops and shaded. Clearly they like sun!


The coop plants are looking amazing. All free, transplanted from the lower part of the yard.


The coop still needs a lot of work, but I like how it’s shaping up.


The wisteria plant is growing in from the right and the passionflower is filling out big time on the left… maybe one day the bedroom balcony will be completely covered in climbers and gorgeous flowers!


That’s it for now!


  1. I’m new to your blog, and am SO impressed with you guys! Hope you don’t mind I’ve copied the pic with your beautiful kitty and called it “Gabriola Yawn and Garden”.

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