Harvesting: Blueberries


Our new blueberry plants came to us already loaded with berries, and they are getting ripe! We’ve got 4 different types of blueberry plant now; chandler, duke, pink lemonade, and peach sorbet. The berries on the chandler plant are HUGE! We’ve also got lots of passionflower blossoms and the echinaceas are in bloom. Everything is looking pretty amazing.


    • It’s so nice!!! We have a few blueberry plants that haven’t fruited since we planted them… so it’s nice to have plants that do what they are ‘sposed to!

      • I gotcha for sure. I have two tomatoes that are huge but-NO TOMATOES. All about trial and error. I have been talking to a few ‘old-timers’ and they swear by placing an iron stake next to the plant and fertilizing with Epsom salt. It is a high possibility that they are messing with me but I will try it in the fall. Have a great day-enjoy your blueberries 🙂

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