Things I Love: Solar Charger


Between my obsessive instagram perusal and recent foray into hunting Pokemons, my phone battery doesn’t last very long. I have a spare charge cord in my bag for when I’m at work or on the ferry, but frequently find myself in the middle of a long walk and a battery percentage dropping below 10% with nowhere to plug in. Enter this amazing SOLAR CHARGER! It comes in a variety of colours (but of course I chose black) and includes a USB cord for computer charging as well as a carabiner so it can be clipped to your backpack. After an initial computer charge the solar panel can be used to fill the charger with enough energy to charge your phone up fully about twice. This is great when you are hiking on a trail or setting up camp at a pokestop. I’ve used it a few times now and it’s really great, though I’m not sure yet how it holds up over time. I can say that the design is really nice though and it’s shock proof which is good for butter fingers, here. The site also sells durable charge cords in neat colours. I definitely recommend one of these for people who are out and about more often than they are hanging around an outlet (it is summer, after all!)



  1. I almost bought one of these last time I bought a new phone but resisted. I may have to think about it a bit now that I read your review and learned that they actually work well.

    • I’ve read some bad reviews out there, but I haven’t had a problem. It was delivered quickly, it works well and the cord is really nice. You should give it a try!

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