Sorry, Guests



When we first moved in to this house we found we had a real shortage of furniture to fill the rooms with. I guess that happens when you move from 615 square feet into 2,100… well it’s been two and a half years and we have collected quite a bit since the first winter here. One of our first projects in 2014 was to put a guest bed into the spare room downstairs, but since then it’s barely been used. One thing we are really in need of, however, is a home office.

My computer has floated around several different locations, and is currently in my sun room/studio. There are a few problems with that location though, one being that it’s super bright in there during the summer which makes it hard to see the screen (and I’m sure the scalding hot temperature isn’t good for the computer itself.) I’m also really struggling to focus while trying to work from home… the dogs distract me about every 2 minutes and I would love to be able to just close the door and ignore everything. The sun room has a glass door so they know I’m in there hahaha. No escape! I’m also finding it hard to file my papers properly, there’s just not enough room without a filing cabinet and I don’t have space for one in the sun room. I’m slowly transforming the studio into a meditation/tarot/reading room, and it would be a bonus if I didn’t have a computer to distract me. SO MANY REASONS.


J has already painted all the doors downstairs a glossy white, and we removed the baseboards and door casings a while back after they were chewed by the bunnies when they were indoors. We are ready to install new baseboards and casings but first must come some kind of floor… we were limited by $$$ for a while but have finally taken the leap and bought some new underlay and laminate flooring. (Remember when we reclaimed the laminate floor from the cabin and were so excited to install it?? It wasn’t click together and in the end we gave up because it was IMPOSSIBLE to get it to stay tight together and we were both losing our minds. We gave the load of it away last year.) It’s a cheap solution and we would both have preferred hardwood, but you gotta pick your battles I guess. There are other areas of the house we won’t be able to skimp out on so the flooring in here is just going to have to deal with being a less than fancy. We did manage to get flooring for less than $1/sf (!) and in total the bedroom, hallway and pantry can all be redone for under $400. Not bad!


We were able to repurpose everything that was in here; the double mattress will be set aside for camping as it can fit in the back of the suburban, the box spring was dismantled for use in the garden, the metal frame will be recycled at GIRO, and the headboard we made is being used to clad the new bunny expansion (J hated this thing and wore me down! Bye bye pretty headboard.) The side tables are being given to a friend, the adjustable lamps will be used to light the desk space, and the TV/DVD combo was sold. We will turn the closet into a book case and J wants to build a long computer desk along the wall.


Can’t wait to fix this disaster of a hallway…


I was just reminded of how buttery yellow and brown carpeted this room was when we bought the house! Blech!




Here’s hoping we can hammer this out quickly so we can move our stuff in and get organized.

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