The Littlest Foster Dog


We’ve had a little couch crasher for the past 2 weeks! This guy is Junior, a 16 year old senior min pin/chihuahua that was rescued by my coworkers at the safe injection site (INSITE) in Vancouver. I’m not totally clear on his history, just that he has been abused by his previous owner and had possibly changed hands a few times before being surrendered to staff for adoption.

Staff posted in the FB group looking for a home for Junior, and I offered to take him with me to Gabriola where we have a large population of animal caregivers who probably wouldn’t mind providing a twilight home for a senior dog. There was a lot of interest in him and we managed to find the perfect home for him, one he will hopefully be joining this upcoming weekend.


It’s been pretty straightforward to care for the little one, I took him to the vet for a full check up (just $57 at the vet here, which seems like a total steal) and the only thing that needs follow up is a painful tooth. Pretty impressive for a dog this old! If his new home works out they have the resources to take him to the vet for an extraction right away, and have said they have a financier that will pay all his vet bills through to the end of his life. This person is experienced in providing “retirement” or compassion homes for elderly animals… it couldn’t be more perfect for Junior.

Boy I will say though, having 3 dogs is a HANDFUL. Holy moly. I’ve been on full time dog duty for the last two weeks haha. Fortunately he gets along well with my little rugrats (they are very kind to him, though Suzie doesn’t like when I pay attention to him instead of her ha) and has been pretty polite. He has a huge appetite and likes walking… he’s great on the leash and also likes sleeping on a floor cushion. This little muffin has sure paid his dues, he deserves to be spoiled rotten for the last few years of his life!


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