Rescue Doggies are the Best Doggies


Suze and Ozzy have been doing really well lately! Ozzy is gaining confidence and has been smiling and relaxing a lot these last few weeks. Having rescue dogs has proven to be a little challenging, but I feel it makes the reward of earning a dog’s trust all the more exciting. The change in him is really astounding; the first few days he hid under the couch and would run whenever J tried to get close. Now he loves to play with J fetching toys, playful chasing, and lots of head rubs and belly tickles. He comes when he is called and he’s almost always smiling which is what gets me right in the feels, he’s so happy now!


Rescue dogs are definitely a little extra work, but if you have lots of patience and are willing to go slow to earn the trust of an animal that is getting a second shot at a family, you should TOTALLY go for it. It’s very rewarding, not to mention changes an animal’s entire outlook on life. Every creature deserves to be happy.



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  1. Awwww….they are precious. Rescues are a challenge and patience is a must. I got Maggie when she was 1 1/2 years old and it has been almost six years and she is just coming around to trusting other people. They are the best though. There is no way I would ever purchase a dog and support the breeding industry in any way.

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