Home Office is Coming Together


The floor is in, the walls have been painted, and the door casings are on. All that’s left now is the baseboards! Ahhhh it’s going so fast and looking so good I’m so ecstatic. We will have to buy a new baseboard heater as this one has quit working, but we can get a nice clean looking white one that is (ideally) more energy efficient. If we could upgrade all the baseboard heaters in the house one by one that would be pretty great, but it’s not on the immediate project radar.

We also haven’t figured out what we are doing about the weird tiled curb in this room… we may be stuck with it unless we feel like chipping all the tile off and re-finishing it… which honestly sounds like a total pain. I suppose it’s not too offensive as is. We will also go around the whole room and caulk all the little holes; there is a gap under the window sill where all the giant spiders are presumably getting in (there was one the size of the palm of my hand on the wall while we did the flooring, and I thought ‘as long as it doesn’t move I’ll leave it alone’ but of course then I forgot about it and when I looked back it was GONE and now it is at large somewhere in my home and I’ll never sleep soundly again.) We also have a little mouse hole that we stuffed with steel wool a few months ago that will hopefully be covered by the new (higher) baseboards. Hans has been taking care of all house mice which is a super plus, but if I didn’t have to wake up and step onto a discarded mouse liver or string of tiny intestines that would be AWESOME.



Now we get to hang up all my extra artwork that hasn’t had a home… YAAAAAAAY. I busted out my mat cutter last night and did up these two prints. Post on framing to come later!

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