More Garden Blossoms


To celebrate our recent nuptials we got some new flowers for the garden! We picked up some crocosmia, sage, lavender, yarrow, meadow rue, and sunflowers. We are thinking that next year we may stop trying with veggies as we have not been very successful on that front. Instead we will develop more of a witch’s herbal garden for cosmetics and remedies. That’s more fun anyways, and more in line with what we had originally envisioned with plants that can be used for tea blends and other things.


These sunflowers are called Teddy Bear sunflowers and I think that is the cutest thing everrrr. They are so fluffy!!! Can’t wait to save seeds and sprout up a whole load of them next spring.


A lot of our garden is looking pretty frazzled right now due to the heat, but we do have a few blossoms coming still, including these super cute marshmallow fuschias. Such a great colour.

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