DIY Handbook Gone to Print


OK this is one big item I can finally check off my to do list; my DIY handbook file has been submitted for printing! PHEW! I’m so excited about this. The handbook is 40 pages of recipes and instructions so you can ferment, preserve, bake, and make raw desserts at home. Included in the book is kombucha, water kefir, natural soda, sourdough starter and bread, plum wine, vegan cherry pie and nanaimo bars, soy and almond milk, vegan yogurt, tofu, peach salsa and relish, and a bunch more. Here’s a preview:

All recipes have been tried and tested by me and typed up in (what I hope is) an easy to follow format. All photographs were taken by me with my iphone, all technical drawings were drawn by me using Autocad, the layout was designed and put together by me using Adobe Illustrator, and the cover design was made and produced by (you guessed it…) ME using autocad drawings and Adobe Photoshop. I’m really excited to see how it looked printed! If you want to order a copy I’ll be setting up an Etsy listing, or you can leave me a comment below. Thanks to everyone who helped with printing costs through my GoFundMe!



  1. Congrats! It’s so neat to be able to create all of a book yourself (except the printing, of course). I publish my own fiction and love doing it. Except for writing blurbs. Sigh.

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