Planter Reinforcement


J has been working at the local pet supply store and is able to bring home the clean pallets the sacks of grain come in on. We weren’t sure what to use them for but were sure we would find something, and apparently this is it. J has been reinforcing our large planters as some of them have begun to bow out in the front due to the weight of the soil. The layer of bark mulch we put down earlier this year has also completely broken down and some of the planters have a gap at the bottom now; J has been patching these and strengthening the corners which looks pretty fancy. The final touch will be a board across the top ledge to clean it all up.

We’ve still got some flowers in bloom and many of the plants are still looking healthy. Basil, pineapple sage, stevia, lavenders and sage being the most successful currently. The kale is a bit sad looking, and the tomatoes and beans are performing their last hurrah for the season. We are looking forward to planting garlic this year and many more herbs for the witch/tea garden.

Over the fall/winter season we will switch the ground cover from mulch to gravel which will last longer and hopefully look tidier. The bark mulch is surprisingly super painful to walk on, you just get a thousand splinters instantaneously… so no bare feet which really annoys me haha. Gravel with large stone pavers will be nice!



We are still getting pole and scarlet emperor beans which is great, and I’ve been making small bundles of lavender for around the house. How is everyone else’s summer season wind down going??


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