New Tattoo: Wedding Tattoos


J and I didn’t do rings for the wedding, instead performed a hand fasting ceremony and got matching tattoos. We had planned to get each others initials, then simplified it to just the first initial, but then couldn’t decide on a font. While at the studio our friend and artist Dave told a story about a previous client that he talked out of getting a culturally inappropriate tattoo and suggested that they instead get a rune and we both thought OOOH RUNES… J is English and my family history also traces back to England, so we figured it was appropriate to get an Anglo-Saxon (5th century Britons) rune to represent the initial. I got the symbol for J and J got the symbol for S. Just so happens they are both really perfect for each of us as the S is like a bolt which fits with J’s other tattoos, and mine is a pair of back to back triangles and a line which I love. We got them on our left hands right next to the matching tattoos we got on our third date 4 years ago. ❤


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