Office and Guest Room


Woooo the home office is almost complete, we’ve just got the baseboards left to go! By a funny turn of events, we did end up keeping this as a guest room after all. We were able to get a king sized memory foam mattress for our bedroom (for just $100!) which means we have to get a larger bed frame, but I really didn’t want to get rid of the queen sized bed set I bought as my first “adult purchase” when I had my condo in Vancouver. It’s a beautiful dark wood frame with a lift up mattress for storage underneath, and two matching side tables I got at the now defunct Koolhaus for like a million dollars (more like $2200, which might as well be a million dollars to a 23 year old) and there’s no way I could resell it for anything near what I spent. So we just moved it downstairs into the guest room and set it up with enough space for my computer and work area to still be functional.

We just have the baseboards left to complete this room, the hallway and pantry, then we can mark this part of the house off with a big check mark for DONE. Now to figure out what art to hang in here!


J built me a custom desk into the closet and installed an overhead light with concealed cord to brighten the space. Finally, a place to hang my school certificates! Ha!


The door casings are all on in the hallway and it looks much tidier. We put a board on the bottom shelf to conceal the dust trap underneath and it will be painted to match the walls. J put a simple casing on the front of each plywood shelf which cleaned it up big time. I have ordered the brackets to install one more shelf above so we can fit all of our cookbooks… there are so many!


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