Recent Thrift Scores


We have undergone a majorly hard purge lately, chucking out a surplus of underused items including an exercise bike, spare fabric, old sheets and dishtowels, clothes, books, knick knacks, knives and utensils, reusable bags, stinky dog carrier, bottles, cans, jars, carbouys, snowboard goggles, gloves and boots, cardboard, garden plant pots, outdated documents, the file cabinet, old rusted bike, roof rack, metal bed frame, and mooooore. We filled the suburban with stuff and then filled my trunk again. We have slated the kitchen table for GIRO, put the drum kit up for sale, and sold our dining table and 4 chairs to a friend on the island. We made space for our new dining table, chairs and dining console which will be coming over with Mom when she moves to Nanaimo this month, and are also eagerly awaiting our king sized bed frame which will arrive at the same time.

It sounds like a lot of stuff went out but we still have lots of stuff left. I am totally a packrat, but also really admire minimalism so it’s a fine balance. Additionally, I work with hoarders and very cluttered rooms at my job, so sometimes when I come home I just want to get rid of everything I own unless I absolutely love it.

All that said, I do still enjoy me a good thriftin’. Some recent scores I have stumbled across include a funky 80’s style rug for the sun room, some glass candle holders, and, oddly enough, a matching vase to one I had thrifted a few months ago. It’s a very light blue/green matte glazed ceramic vase with ROMANIA stamped on the bottom… and from two completely different places I have now got a matching pair! Strange and unusual. They feel very mid-century modern to me and of course I love the colour.

With my mom having sold the house I grew up in, I have found myself bringing in a lot of items she is purging out as well; childhood books and furniture she doesn’t have room for, plus some old artwork and frames I can repurpose. I did a major reshuffle of our small storage/brew/future sauna space, and have tried to keep the items stored in there only items I will absolutely not part with – supplies for wine making, my old dollhouse and other childhood toys, and the spare mattress which I may need to take to Victoria with me when I change work locations. AHHH STUFF.

What do you do to keep your possessions from possessing you?



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