Things I Love: Protection Spray


Don’t we all need to protect ourselves from hexes and the evil eye? A few weeks ago J and I were in the Nature Spirit Earth Market on Gabriola and I caught sight of a shelf of herbal sprays with nicely designed labels. I gave them all a spritz and I loved the smell of the Protection spray. It has nettles, patchouli, rosemary, cedar and frankincense, and is very light and fresh. J bought it for me and I was a very happy camper (because he is the best). The spell it came with reads:

“Three times the rings go around all evil shall stay on the ground if any evil is near this place it can not enter my sacred space three times three times three so mote it be”

Fast forward to a few weeks later and I met Danielle, creator of the beautiful Starchild Tarot deck I blogged about recently, and she saw that I had the spray on my shelf. She told me they are made by her partner’s witchy Mother, and Danielle herself designed the labels! The world is really so, so small. It’s cray.



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