Chicken Coop Becomes Tool Shed


The dismantling of the chicken coop has begun… J has already taken down the run and given away the chicken supplies (3 tube feeders, water trough, garbage can of scratch, ramp, plastic waterer) and cleaned out the inside of the coop itself. We were struggling with mites and taking the loft and roosting bars down revealed that huge clusters of them had been living behind the boards…. ugh! Gross.

We are able to reuse the 4×4 posts to complete the stair framing on the side of the house (finally) and even might have enough reclaimed deck boards to do the steps themselves. The soil itself is filled with chicken compost which is good nutrition for the plants so it can be relocated. J transferred all of the spurge and comfrey to the lower garden patch and hopefully it continues to thrive there.


It’s actually a really nice little out building, I’m glad J has a place for all his tools and stuff now! The roof needs a little repair, but it’s waterproof as is and secure for storage. J did a really good job on it!


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