Introducing: Juniper (Junipurr)


MOAR KITTEHS. J brought home this little bb yesterday… a new animal for our ark haha. Juniper is a 1 year old kitten that was brought to Cats Alive, our local cat rescue, looking for a new home. She’s very sweet and wants all the attention. She has a small rashy scab on the back of her neck which may be an allergy to Advantage, but will have her vet bill covered if it needs further treatment. She’s pretty tiny and has a very attractive long nose. The last time I had a silver tabby in the house was when I was a kid; my Mom had a cat named Something from before I was born and she really hated me haha. Juniper already seems to like me ok so that’s good, and it would be even better if I am not that allergic to her… cats are tricky for me as I am allergic to some but not all. I don’t know what it is that makes me allergic, and I don’t know which cats will make me react. I was allergic to Pilot initially but became used to her over time (it’s been 8 years), and miraculously didn’t react to Hans at all. Juniper has given me a bit of the sniffles, but I’m hoping it goes away rather than gets worse. Fingers crossed! Welcome Junipurr!



    • She is!! J just told me that we are actually her FOURTH home… she only a year old! People just kept rejecting her, but we aren’t sure why. She’s pretty vocal, but uses her litter box, loves the other animals, and doesn’t scratch the furniture so I don’t get it? People are weird!

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