Beauty: More from Petit Vour


Well, I’m addicted. Petit Vour has a great selection of vegan and cruelty free products and any site that ships straight to my house so I don’t have to deal with entering the public is A-OK with me. This order was for a box of the rose scented cleansing towelettes from Box Naturals that were featured in the August subscription box, as well as a geranium and white tea beauty mist from little barn Apothecary which smells really light and fresh. It also comes in a glass bottle and not plastic, and I always notice when companies swap out the plastic, it’s great. Most exciting about this small purchase is the AILA 3-in-1 Nail Color Remover with Pure Argan Oil; it contains no acetate and is better for your skin and nails. I LOVE that it has argan oil in it, so instead of a cold chemical traditional nail polish remover that evaporates while you are using it, this stuff leaves your nails with a layer of oil that moisturizes and conditions cuticles and nails. I also only needed to soak a cotton pad once and it removed the polish from all my nails with no additional product. This is pretty neat because with acetate removers I feel like I am always needing to add more to the cotton pad and end up using quite a few to get my polish off. PLUS it doesn’t stink to high heaven like acetate polishes!! So I’m basically in love with this stuff now and think everyone should try it ASAP!

Bonus for this order is the free AILA nail polish that came with this order because, well, NAIL POLISH <3<3<3<3


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