Learning to Spin with a Wheel


So this has been on my to-do list for years but I just never actually buckle down and do it… learning to spin angora fibre!! I have 6 angora rabbits and have been collecting fibre for a while, so there’s lots. Not a lot of people have been interested in the bags of raw fibre, but if I could spin it and dye it I think it would be easier for people to use.

Saturday was Spin out in Public day and the Gabriola spinners guild set up at the library to give a demonstration. I brought by some of Leela’s fibre and one of the (super knowledgeable!!) women spun up a couple of samples for me; one is straight angora and one blended with merino wool. Both formed a strong, fine yarn that feels really soft and would be great for knitting up a shawl, scarf or hat.


^ Blended with merino wool, about 50/50


^ Straight angora


These little mini skeins are so pretty and required only a very small amount of fibre, so the bags I have been selling by the ounce would be enough to do a surprisingly large project! Seriously, Taylor, get your ass in gear hahaha


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