Moon Box: Full Moon in Pisces ♓


A few weeks back I subscribed to a monthly Moonbox from the Gaia Collective and I got my first one for the full moon on Friday the 16th. This is a pretty cool subscription service that puts together meditations, crystals, oils and herbs for each full moon and sends it to you each month. This month the full moon was in Pisces and included in the box was a beautifully designed Moon Card (by my friend and local Gabriolan Danielle!) along with a ritual and some other goodies like a tea blend (it comes in a reusable metal tin with a cloth tea bag), a bag of bath salts and oils with rose petals, 3 beautiful stones, a roller of natural oils, and a beautiful sea shell. The whole package comes in a nicely designed box and on a bed of moss (!!) I think it’s pretty awesome to sit in a quiet room and unpack everything, then spend some time reflecting on the previous moon cycle. So far I’m pretty happy with this service and would totally recommend it! Anything to force me to slow down and take some time for myself… I don’t do that very often so this is a nice treat. ❤



    • I’m a Pisces too! Because the full moon fell in Pisces, which is our “first house”, it signifies new beginnings. It’s a good time to start new projects and leave behind old ones. Time to start fresh! ❤

      • Oh, I’m definitely starting fresh! lol. New boy, new school…new lots of stuff. Hopefully it will go well! Now I know who to go to for my sign stuff!

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