The Cost of Groceries Continued


More on the cost of groceries! I’ve been feeling pretty low lately about money and how much the cost of living is on the west coast right now. Don’t get me wrong, our home expenses are way lower than they were in Vancouver, but part of being in a more remote community is paying more for basics like groceries. There is a captive audience on Gabriola and I guess whatever the food costs people will pay because there aren’t many alternatives.

That said, I’ve definitely been feeling the strain each time I leave the grocery store. For example, this pretty modest load of food I bought was, I felt, REALLY costly. I suppose with 24 items totaling $88.42 the average cost of each item is about $3.70, and there were some pricey items (3+ cups of cashews, and the maple syrup alone was about $9 – it was the cheapest option) but I mean… really?? $88 for two bags of groceries to make a raw cake and some vegan pizza? Oof.

What do you pay for groceries??



  1. Our number always varies, but I will say there are days that I have to do a double take of the receipt!! I’ve been trying my best to stick with buying whatever is on sale, but it gets difficult because your everyday things aren’t always on sale…shmurp!

  2. It’s because you’re buying healthy stuff. Healthy stuff is always way more expensive. It makes no sense, but it is. That’s why poor people tend to be overweight

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