Cookbook Shelf Complete


Well it took a while, but the cook book shelf is finally complete! You know how sometimes the simplest project can often take the longest to complete? Or is that just us? We’ve been doing some snagging lately and wrapping up projects we have started so we can tidy up our to do list (and quiet my brain). We were 3 IKEA brackets short of completing this shelf for MONTHS but finally got the pieces we needed and J finished it off in about 30 minutes. We’ve now got a neat and tidy home for all our books that is right next to the pantry for easy ingredient pick up. Ahhh it’s so pretty.


I’ve also picked up some new books for the hoard in the last few weeks, including Vegan Bowl Attack! and Thug Kitchen, both of which I’m excited about. Nom Yourself also has some pretty amazing looking recipes in it. These were all thrifted with the exception of Vegan Bowl Attack and Nom Yourself (yes, even Thug Kitchen was thrifted for $5!) which is how to hoard got so large… cheap books! Lots of recipes!


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