New Boots!!


Ahhhh new boots! My Uncle very generously gifted the entire family with a pair of Kodiak boots of our choice and I picked the Acadia style from the women’s classics line. They arrived this week and they are so soft and comfortable and fit like a dream! They are made of a waterproof leather with thinsulate insulation and a non-slip rubber sole; these durable boots will be great for trail walking in the winter, and they are a pretty quintessential Canadian boot company which is great. Am I a vegan wearing leather boots? Yes… I realize there is a conflict there but I also believe in reducing waste and if the cheapy boots that I have been wearing are gonna leak and fall apart on me every few months I’m just adding more garbage to the landfill… right? These are a solid investment that with proper care will last for a long time. They were also an incredibly thoughtful gift and I’ve been ok with being a freegan for a while now (my blunstones were a gift too and I adore them). All I can do is my best until I can do better, no one is perfect and I’ve never intended to be a preachy black-belt vegan anyways. I care about having warm, comfortable feet and these boots are amazing!! J got TWO pairs, one classics pair and one pair of massive and truly indestructible work boots, both of which he will be putting to very good use. Thanks Kevin!! ❤


  1. Nice. They do look comfortable. You are right, it is totally worth it to have shoes that are going to last a long time. I get really attached to my boots and have had one pair for 15 years. Once they are broken in it is hard to detatch. 🙂

    • I love the idea of things that last s long time, way too much about fashion now is like fast food! So much waste. These boots were super comfortable the first time I put them on too, no need to break them in 😊

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