New Dining Set


As I mentioned a few posts back, my Mom has sold our childhood home and moved to a new home on Vancouver Island. We knew this would happen eventually but it was still really sad to see the house that we grew up in transfer into new hands. Mom will be closer now, and because I’m not commuting to Vancouver for work anymore after next week, the timing has all worked out fairly well. The new house is smaller than the old house on Fox Street though, so Mom has downsized and I’ve reaped all the benefits! Bwa ha ha.

One of the more exciting things I have inherited is the dining table and sideboard that were in the house for years. They are large and very solid wooden pieces in all black which of course we both love. Man are they heavy though!!! Let’s never move them again.


The sideboard has 3 large drawers and 3 larger cabinets so it will hold lots of storage. It fits perfectly on the wall in our living room and provides a bit of extra space for my books.

The table is a behemoth! It has 2 leaves and without either one of them in it can seat like 8 people haha. So we can now host giant renaissance style dinners here with a long table and room for the whole neighbourhood. We need to get some new chairs, but that will come eventually. Of course the second it was set up Pilot laid her claim, it wouldn’t be a picture of my house if there wasn’t some sort of animal lurking in the shot I suppose.




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