Won’t You Be My Neighbour?


Since buying our home all three of the directly neighbouring properties have gone up for sale (is it something we did? lol) The house to the west was listed and sold sometime in the first year or so, and most recently the empty lot at the bottom of our yard was listed for sale and bought by an ecological society that will be building a small solar home. Finally, the property on the east side is listed for private sale but so far has not had any offers. It is a 5 acre lot with two modest houses (one is a rental for extra income), a very large and well tended garden with fruit and nut trees, flowers and other landscaping, and is completely fenced and deer proof. The property is largely wooded and extends down to the community hall, and also extends upwards where there is a rocky platform that would be perfect placement for a new home if you wanted to build… it has fantastic water views extending out southward into the gulf islands including Decourcy, Ruxton, Valdes and beyond. The yard in the photo above is the property in question, as photographed from my bedroom balcony. It’s on the end of a quiet street with no drive by traffic, has a gated driveway and it’s own well, septic, and power connections.

If you are interested in making a switch to island living, let me know and I’ll get you in touch!


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