Things I Love: Spirit Cloth by Kim Krans


Soo I have had literally NO TIME to do any reading or tarot or thinking or breathing all summer. I don’t know what happened, things just got mad busy then suddenly I was sick with shingles and slept for like a week before going back to my last 3 days at work. This week I start at a new building in Victoria, BC which is closer to my house, involves less travel costs, and means I am finally able to stop commuting to Vancouver – which was the goal when we moved out of there 3 years ago.

Now that things are quieting down a little I have time to get back into my little happy place and do some readings and introspection. Enter this beautiful spirit cloth by Kim Krans to help me focus! I’m excited to give it a whirl and hope it will help me with new tarot spreads and ways of reading the cards. It’s nice to have a template to work with, and it is soo pretty! Love it.



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