The Garden in October


It’s October and the garden is winding down. We managed to get a lot done in there this year, and can’t wait for next year when everything will start really filling out. Here are some snaps of what the garden looks like at the moment… the bark mulch we put down earlier in the year has broken down and been raked up. Next year we are definitely going to go for gravel, it will look a lot cleaner and be more durable. Other plans include removing the maple tree that is next to the house, and to finish the bunny run and build a trellis to support the wisteria. Then I just want flowers flowers flowers for the bees!


^ This is the maple we are removing. I worry about it falling on the house in a storm, and it also casts a shadow on the planters we are trying to grow in which has affected the growth substantially. We will wait for the leaves to drop then have it brought down bit by bit to avoid damaging our fence.


^ This passionflower has done really well in this location!! We’ve saved a ton of blossoms for tea.


^ The wisteria has gone pretty mad this year… we’ve let it do it’s thing but not sure if that’s the best idea long-term. For now it looks really pretty!


^ The lower yard has been filling up with deer-proof plants, and next year should look pretty great!



^ This is the messiest area; we have dismantled the planter here to give a place to the workers bringing down the tree.



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