It Got a Lot Greener


We painted. Again. In fact we have bought so much paint from the home + garden centre that they have started giving us discounts lol. When we first moved in we immediately painted over all the yellow, orange and red (in my humble opinion the barfiest colours you can paint your house…) with a soft grey. I love the soft grey but J has been very vocal about it feeling like a battleship in here, so we’ve been compromising on colours here and there to give the eyes a break from grey.


The colour we chose for this wall (which is the same wall that extends down to the basement) was a moss/sage shade of green called Eucalyptus Leaf. It works well with the Blackberry paint in the living room and the Deep Space we painted the adjoining hallway in the basement. I also switched up the artwork on this wall as the Camilla print was red and looked too xmas on the green wall. The silver and blue Audrey print that was in the living room looks much better in this location. That should be it for the interior paint for a while… famous last words, right?



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