Licorice and Toast Successfully Bonded


A few months ago we agreed to take in another 2 bunnies from friends who no longer had time to care for them properly. Toast is a 4 year old neutered male and Licorice is a 4 year old unspayed female, and my task was to bond them together. I’ve successfully bonded my 4 other pairs, so I was hoping things would be pretty straightforward. These two buns have pretty different temperaments, though, and I wasn’t sure for a while there if it would work out. Licorice is very shy and seemed stressed when we first got her. She was making a distressed squeaking when we pet her and whenever Toast got close to her. And Toast was a bit of a bossy pants and wanted to chase Licorice around which didn’t go over well as she was so scared.

Their first bathtub meetings went smoothly, but when they started hanging together in the neutral area Licorice would become distressed and cry. It took a number of “play dates” for her to build up her trust, and 2 or 3 attempts to move them in together ended up with me separating them again. Finally the bond stuck though and Licorice no longer makes the squeaking sound and the two of them are constantly cuddling and sitting with each other in the enclosure. Success! Look at Toast’s big gummy smile! (his teeth were removed prior to our adopting him due to malocclusion)


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Want to see all the bunnies? Here they are!


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