The Great Propagation


As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve just become plant mother to a new brood of houseplants. With holiday craft fairs coming up quickly I’ve secured myself a couple of tables and now need to find things to sell. I will be doing vegan cookies again this year (last year was super successful!) and of course selling my DIY Handbook (possibly even a volume 2!) but want to branch out a bit as well. I have been making hanging planters for the last few months and would love to sell them, but the empty planters just aren’t interesting enough I don’t think. I’m hoping to get enough of these babies going that the planters can be filled with water and come with a live sprig of Devil’s Ivy or hoya.


I took come clippings of the pothos as well as some from the hoya, and set them up in water to take root. These photos mark day 1. More to come!



  1. Have you tried using rooting hormone on the cut ends of the stem? I just tried it for the first time when trying to propagate some hydrangea cuttings. I’m not sure how much better it works than plain old water!

    • That sounds like a good idea! We had some liquid fertilizer but after I used it I realized it was fish based and it STUNK. Then all the water got moldy hahaha.

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