Things I Love: More Lapel Pins


It’s a sickness. Lapel pins and patches! I must have them all! In this batch we’ve got some real goodies. There’s a Tina Belcher pin (with free matching patch!) and young Milhouse pin from Nostalgia Vault, a Moe/baby lamb mashup pin from Flower Chainz, an amazing Eleven patch from Cold Toes, a Harry Potter dark mark pin from a comic shop in Victoria, and a pair of incredibly awesome Girl, Interrupted enamel pins from Hippo Sausage; Lisa (Angelina Jolie) and Susannah (Winona Ryder)! These sites are all making awesome enamel pins and patches right now, check them out ❤



  1. I love the Milhouse pin! So cute!
    I used to collect pins and patches…I had a bunch of bowling ones and Boy Scout ones, too. But I don’t find them so much anymore…so cute!

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