Vegan Battle: Yogurt!


YOGURT. I think most of us can agree that the thicker the yogurt, the better it tastes. When I was still eating dairy I gravitated to the super high milk-fat Greek style yogurt in lemon and lime flavours, and I have had a real problem finding anything similar in the vegan category. UNTIL NOWWWWWW.


There are a few brands doing vegan yogurt, and there are a few options; soy, almond, coconut, cashew to name a few. Brands I have tried for this battle: Soygo (Soy Vanilla), Daiya (Greek Yogurt Strawberry, Black Cherry and Blueberry), Yoso (Coconut Chocolate), So Delicious (Almond Vanilla, Coconut Milk Plain),


Soygo Vanilla: This stuff is fine, but not stellar. I found it thin, runny and a little watery tasting. It serves its purpose, but if I were to continue eating it I would likely use it in a smoothie or smoothie bowl rather than with granola or directly out of the container.


Daiya Greek Yogurt (Strawberry, Blueberry, Black Cherry): This stuff is a GAME CHANGER. I like thick yogurt and this is the only vegan yogurt I have encountered thus far that comes close to a pleasantly creamy and thick texture. The flavours are also great. I am hot and cold with daiya cheez, but this yogurt is the bomb. So flavourful, fruity, creamy… it is everything. Great with granola or straight out of the cup. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is incredible.



Yoso Coconut Chocolate: This stuff is really gooooood but it’s a bit more like pudding than yogurt. It’s pretty thick and very chocolately, which is good, but not everyone wants chocolate pudding with their cereal for breakfast haha. It makes a great snack and satisfied my chocolate craving on several occasions. I have found that coconut makes a thicker yogurt than the almond and soy alternatives, so that is something I now look for when buying vegan yogurts.



You can see in this side by side comparison that that chocolate coconut is thicker than the almond vanilla. It’s tough to put vanilla and chocolate in the ring together because for me personally chocolate will win every time.


So Delicious Almond Vanilla: The texture and flavour of this product is very similar to the Soygo vanilla. It’s good, but fairly runny and not gloopy enough for my personal tastes. (Is gloopiness a legit good quality in food??)



So Delicious Coconut Plain: As mentioned above, cultured coconut is my favourite for soy yogurt, but plain definitely doesn’t do anything for me. So Delicious makes a great product so even the plain-ness of this yogurt is tasty, though as I also mentioned above I would probably rather use this in smoothies or smoothie bowls than on its own.



Hands down, there is no competition here. Daiya’s new Greek yogurt product is the BEST vegan yogurt available. It’s thick, comes in a great range of flavours, and has no weird synthetic tasting flavours (which is my experience of their cheez products). They are great straight out of the cup or with granola, unlike some of the other products that need a bit of a boost to make them more palatable. Everywhere I go this Daiya yogurt is completely sold out… that’s a pretty big indicator that it is for real! Thank you Daiya for creating this stuff! Yum!


  1. I’m curious…you’re teaching me so much about the vegan lifestyle…so when one is vegan, they don’t eat dairy, right? I should probably google the differences instead of constantly asking you, because you probably get this all the time. I just find it fascinating that they have been able to come up with so many alternatives to dairy and other foods that can’t be eaten! It’s amazing! And they look super-yummers to me! I have to look into the whole vegan food world now!

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